A History of Music

With notes and black and white illustrations
Do you like Brahms? Or Mozart? Then you know that listening to music is, above all, a sensual experience the appeals to the mind, heart and body. What influence does music have on the physical-mental framework of the listener? How did the artistic craft of music develop? How is a composer influenced by his historical and social environment?

Stefan Schaub gives original and informative answers in his 'journey' through the history of music, starting with a concise presentation of musical development in the occidental world from antiquity to modern times, with additional regard to psychological, aesthetic and historical aspects. He tells the reader about the origins of our Western sequence of tones and the changing ways of expressing moods and feelings musically.


dtv Sachbuch
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-30384-2
9. Auflage 2018