Coverbild See Venice and Steal von Krischan Koch, ISBN-978-3-423-21783-5
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See Venice and Steal

From the North Sea to the Venetian lagoon – the second art and crime thriller by Krischan Koch

Venice is in the throes of the biennale and awash with tourists. Harry Oldenburg, art dealer and passionate thief, throws himself into the fray. He and his young girlfriend Zoe are planning to relieve the Guggenheim Museum of two valuable exhibits. But in the sizzling summer heat of the lagoon, the well-hatched plan goes pear-shaped: Harry finds himself first in the clutches, then in the bed of seductive artist Franca. Then, to his horror, he discovers a corpse in her studio. When Zoe joins her lover in Venice, she finds this far from amusing but is nevertheless willing to help him on his raids. Too bad she’s frequently feeling rather queasy of late...

Thanks to his wife’s proactive assistance, Krischan Koch found himself confronted with the unfortunate realization that the Ladies in the Venice Guggenheim Museum is not sufficiently spacious to lever a freshly stolen Miró from its frame.

A neatly packaged murder mystery, satire, art and travel guide.

Erscheint am 22.03.2019
Lieferung in 2-3 Werktagen
288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21783-5
About the author
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Krischan Koch

Krischan Koch was born in 1953 in Hamburg, where he works as a film critic for the NDR (North German Broadcasting Corporation) and "Die Zeit" amongst others. He and his wife livesin Hamburg and also on the North Sea island of Amrum, where he has the perfect view on the North Sea mud-flats and writes his successful crime novels.

Krischan Koch

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