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Treasure Hunting in the Caribbean

dtv Tiger Eye - Treasure Hunt

Luzie's father, Captain Tim Timm is unexpectedly hired by a shipping company that specialises in salvaging shipwrecks - and for Luzie that means summer holidays in the Caribbean! However it has to be said that life on board the Constantina is far from idyllic, as Elena Wagner, the company's ...

Rights sold: Latvia, Korea, Poland, Chinese (simplified characters), Turkey

Sugared Pretzels: My holidays with Marie

A holiday adventure story about first love

It's day one of the holiday in France-the first day at the beach. When ten-year-old Max sets eyes on Marie, a French girl his own age, it's like he's been struck by lightning. From that point on, she's all he can think about, from her dark ...

The travelling Mouse

A domestic mouse goes international

While searching for crumbs in the Munich train station, a little mouse named Steven slips into a train car. This is the start of an exciting adventure that takes him much farther than just Switzerland, a cheese lover's paradise, and Paris, ...

Rights sold: English language, Russia

The Day We Reprogrammed Dad

One week of all your dreams coming true!

Jolante and Carlo are excited about their upcoming birthday - until Mom has to unexpectedly leave to visit Grandma, and Dad takes over the organisation of their party. Dad, the notorious professional do-it-yourselfer and product inspector.

Emergency Landing On 17a Milky Way

Two aliens, Winston and Ibu, are on the run from their teacher. When they're forced to make an emergency landing, they find themselves on the stupidest planet in the entire universe - Planet Earth! To make matters worse, they crash-land on 17a Milky Way - slap bang in the middle of a housing estate!

Us Three from Number 4

Forget Bullerby - here comes Raven Street! As soon as Wenzel claps eyes on the brightly painted apartment building in a little side street of the big city, his heart starts pounding in his chest like a space-hopper. There's a whiff of garlic hanging in the air and a hint of coffee ...

The Ghost of Pompeii

August, 79 AD: it is the middle of summer in Pompeii and the earth is shaking, while Mount Vesuvius is spitting fire! Are the gods angry with the inhabitants of this affluent town? The people are living in fear and terror. What's more, there are rumours of repeated ghost sightings ...

The Mystery of the Silent Warriors

dtv Tigereye - Ancient China

It is China, during the reign of the first emperor Qin Shi Huang (who ruled from 221-210 BC). Cao Pi is nine years old; his father Cao Shi is a crossbowman in the Imperial Army, but he has disappeared without trace, and their whole village is in mourning. Then Cao Pi's friend Mei ...

Rights sold: Poland, Chinese (simplified characters)

The Eyes Of The Hydra

A detective story from ancient Rome for you to solve.

Who has kidnapped their teacher? Another case for the young detectives Cornelia & Co.

In the age of Caesar's Rome, Cornelia and her friends Titus, Publius and Gaius, have arrived on the dot for today's lesson. But something is wrong - their teacher, Marcus Antonius, isn't here.

Rights sold: Turkey

The Gladiator’s Son

A detective story from ancient Rome for you to solve. With b/w illustrations by Marei Schweitzer

Rome, 46 B.C.: Caesar arranges for the defeated Prince of the Celts to be paraded in triumph through the town - and with him, the legendary Celtic gold! It goes without saying that Cornelia and her friends Titus, Gaius and Publius are there in the midst of the crowd, enjoying the spectacle.
Rights sold: Turkey

The Mystery Of The Amphora

A Detective Story From Ancient Rome For You To Solve. With b/w illustrations by Marei Schweitzer

Rome at the time of Caesar: when the four children Cornelia, Titus, Gaius and Publius dig up an old amphora they find in the mud of the Tiber, they are quite sure it must be hidden pirates' treasure. But the amphora contains neither gold nor precious stones, instead there's a ...
Rights sold: Turkey

The Gentle Giants of the Ocean

The inhabitants of the Portuguese island Madeira have been making a living from whale-hunting for centuries and of course twelve-year-old Manuel wants to become a whaler too when he grows up. But when one day he nearly drowns at sea and is rescued by dolphins who carry him back to the coast, he ...
Rights sold: South Korea