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Things Aren't the Same without Little Vampie

Like father, like son? No such luck! If that were the case, then Frau Lizzi could enjoy a peaceful life in Vienna together with Purzel, Little Vampie's son. But Purzel is no good at peace and quiet. Far from settling every dispute with a stab in the gall bladder as soon as it arises, ...

Rights sold: China

Olivetti Investigates

Inspector Schrödinger and his colleague Teufel are confronted with a series of mysterious thefts. The thief seems to operate entirely at ramdom - as soon as the detectives think they're on his tracks, he pulls the rug from under their feet again. But he hasn't reckoned on ...

Who Wants to Count on Christmas?

24 fiendish puzzles to test the wits of all puzzle-fans

Any child knows that the lead up to Christmas is full of secrets and surprises. But no one could have possibly imagined the mysterious goings-on that the inhabitants of Numberville have to contend with: the judges have to calculate how many dominoes the defendant devoured, a special ...

With Peppermint and Brains

13 mysterious cases for Detective Dietrich

The detective is afoot, always hot on the trail of some dastardly crime. And never very far behind is his son Lukas, who is pretty intrigued to figure out how his father is going to solve these 13 baffling cases. Some gangsters really get a kick out of deviously coding their messages - can you ...
Rights sold: Thailand, Spain (Catalan)

Meeting Little Vampie Again

With illustrations by Heribert Schulmeyer

Little Vampie and Frau Lizzi are back! Frau Lizzi does not want to stay in Vienna any longer, and she does not know where Little Vampie has gone. No news, no letter, nothing! Suddenly, she has a brilliant idea - she will travel to Transylvania, where all vampires come from, and try and find her ...

Rights sold: Italy, Lithuania, Spain, German Audiobook, Ukraine, China

Little Vampie Must Not Stay Alone

With illustrations in black and white by Heribert Schulmeyer

Frau Lizzi is a sprightly old lady, but she is nevertheless no longer the youngest woman. And Little Vampie, who lives in her house, is quite a tiring creature - and has become a strong young lad. This is why Frau Lizzi thinks of finding him a female Vampie companion. It would do him good, and ...

Rights sold: Italy, Lithuania, Spain, German Audiobook, Ukraine, China

The Little Vampie

With illustrations in black and white by Heribert Schulmeyer

Frau Lizzi gets quite a shock when she discovers a little vampire in her flat. It looks tiny and helpless, and she decides to bring it up on the bottle - with milk, of course, not blood. The little vampire develops only one characteristic feature: whenever someone flies into a rage or starts ...

Rights sold: Spain, Ukraine, German audiobook, Bulgaria , Korea, Slovenia, China