You Are Not Like Other Mothers

The Story of a Passionate Woman

"She was as complicated as a puzzle of several thousand parts, and I had to find these parts and put them together," says Angelika Schrobsdorff about her mother. The parts she uses are letters, photo albums, friends' memories and the life they later led together.

Everything started out well for the wealthy Jewish family in Berlin at the beginning of the century. Else Kirschner, with sparkling charm, dark curls and shiny eyes, loved her parents, who were always full of care for her, and she loved life, which blessed her with many years of prosperity filled with shows and concerts, holidays in a house at a lake and great passions. The Nazis put an end to all that. Else, who has in the meantime married the Prussian squire Erich Schrobsdorff, flees to Bulgaria with her two daughters.

Else Schrobsdorff's life resembles a dance atop a volcano, with the dancers slowly gliding into the violent center. Full of passion and admiration but also scepticism, Angelika Schrobsdorff tells us of the two lives of her mother.

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dtv Literatur
560 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-11916-0
1. September 1994
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