Lennart Malmkvist and Buri Bolmen’s Rather Peculiar Pug

“Dogs can’t talk!”
The pug scratched an ear languorously. Then, in a loud and clear voice he asked “You’re sure about that, are you?”

When old Buri Bolmen dies, his neighbour—management consultant Lennart Malmquist—unexpectedly inherits his magic and joke shop. But the lucrative inheritance comes with a condition: Lennart must keep the shop going for another year—and he has to take care of Bölthorn, Bolmen’s ill-tempered pug. At first Lennart is reluctant and more than a little sceptical, but his reluctance is swept aside one day during a thunderstorm when Bölthorn suddenly starts speaking to him. He informs Lennart he is cursed but in possession of all the necessary prerequisites to become a magician and fight the powers of evil. In the end it turns out that Bölthorn was actually quite right—and there’s far more to it than simple magic…

• The first volume in a delightful new urban fantasy series: highly original, extremely witty and full of lively and bewitchingly unforgettable characters
• This book is a cult just waiting to happen—an addictive bestseller

“A humorous mixture of fantasy and crime fiction, packed full of whimsical and quirky characters.” Juliane Gringer, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung
“A book full of magic and lots of heart.” Markus Eggert, literaturlounge.eu
Volume: 1


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
432 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21651-7
14. Oktober 2016
Rights sold: Czech Republic, Poland