Westermann and Fräulein Gabriele

Richard Westermann is an IT executive with a tendency to brood and a penchant for cemeteries. At Höfer’s funeral, Westermann falls in love with the deceased author’s portable typewriter. And so the machine—an old Gabriele model—becomes an essential part of his life. When Westermann finds himself saddled with a young and excessively ambitious “data executive”, he strikes a counterblow by exchanging his computer for Gabriele. His corporate colleagues consider this an ingenious diversionary tactic—he’s supposed to be working on the development of a cryptography box. In no time at all Westermann and his “Gabriele” turn the daily routine in the whole firm on its head. As he immerses himself in his decelerated analogue world, finding cathartic respite by hacking away on Gabriele, his 80-year-old mother Yolanda embarks on the opposite path: she goes online and discovers the internet.

• a declaration of love for the “good old days”—full of nostalgia, spirit and humour


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
352 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21690-6
4. August 2017