Lennart Malmkvist and Olaf Tryggvason’s Surprisingly Perfidious Plan

The enchanting finale in the series featuring Lennart Malmkvist and his talking pug
The happy ending to Lennart Malmkvist´s adventure is just as unpredictable as a sunny winterday in Sweden. Pug Bölthorn has been severely wounded in a fight with the black wizard has almost succeeded in coming into his full power. The situation is bleak. However, the animated bronze statue “Mussel Man” presents himself as the fourth and final guardian of the Dark Parchments. On board a sailboat, the three of them make their way to Svolderoie Island, the only place that can possibly save the injured pug - and the world.
  • For fans of Ben Aaronovitch: Anyone who enjoys Peter Grant will love Lennart Malmkvist
  • Total sales of Lars Simon’s books with dtv: over 100,000 copies
Volume: 3


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
352 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21760-6
21. Dezember 2018