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Mathilda, or Someone Always Dies

Dettebüll – where appearances are the most deceptive

Mathilda loves Dettebüll. She has lived here on her mother’s farmstead since infancy – and for over forty years with her husband Gunnar. Changes are torture for her. Her children have long since fl own the proverbial coop. However, Mathilda’s mother Ilse remains on the farm. Ilse – Mathilda’s opposite – is a pure mixture of spite and malice. For forty years, Mathilda has functioned as the bu? er that maintains peace in the household.

But then events start tumbling one aft er the other, and suddenly the fi rst death occurs. In a tragic accident, Ilse is killed. Her funeral attracts strange visitors to Dettebüll, including a horde of Hell’s Angels who frighten the village residents out of their wits. And Ilse’s won’t remain the only death for long…

  • A tender, odd comedy about an idyllic country village into which the disdainful, coarse outside world finds its way.
  • Dora Heldt is a long-standing bestselling author with over 5 million copies sold.


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
464 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21949-5
18. Juni 2021