Bugs in the System

The world, enveloped in digital darkness...

Today is actually supposed to be Amir’s big day. With the handover of secret material to the internet activist, Habakuk, he is about to catalyze the biggest scandal in the history of the internet. However, shortly before their meeting, the internet collapses worldwide. The person behind this is unknown.

What does Whistleblower Manfred know? He supplied Amir with the material for the leak and had remarked that something of huge significance was about to happen.

In the midst of the erupting chaos, Amir searches for the mysterious Habakuk. The moment he finds him, a car races out of nowhere towards them, just barely missing them. Who had the driver been trying to hit? Amir or Habakuk? And is there a connection with the digital blackout?

  • An explosive and timely thriller set in the near future
  • For readers of Kevin Brooks, Hank Green, and Talk Talk by T.C. Boyle


304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-23011-7
21. Februar 2020