Arthur Schopenhauer

A cosmopolitan philosopher

An original thinker and a great teacher of wisdom

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 –1860) was only 25 years old when he published his first major work, “The World as Will and Idea”. He was a cosmopolitan thinker whose interests outside of philosophy included languages, science and eastern wisdom, particularly Buddhism. He became known to a wider audience through his “Essays and Aphorisms”, published in 1851.

Robert Zimmer introduces us to the life and thinking of this sensitive loner who was to have such an immense and lasting influence on modern philosophy, psychology and the scientific conception of the world.

Press acclaim for “A User’s Guide to Philosophy”

• “An enriching read.” wissen.de

• “Robert Zimmer has succeeded in producing an introduction which could well take over from Wilhelm Weischedel’s legendary ‘Backstairs to Philosophy’.” Berliner Zeitung


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2. Auflage, Dezember 2010
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