The World Beyond Cinema

Lorenz, a former librarian and cinema usher, is now pushing 30 and working in a copy shop. One day he holds onto one of several copies of a diary he is binding for a diplomat. He gives it unread to his girlfriend Iris, a substitute teacher, so they can read it together. The diary is the testimony of a failed love affair with a young girl called Alina and features detailed descriptions of Moscow streets and districts as well as in-depth reflections on life and death. Jonas the diplomat comes to know Lorenz and Iris, and the three of them become friends – until one day Jonas discovers his diary in their apartment and Iris disappears...

Christian Zehnder presents a dense and atmospheric story of love, friendship and a menage-a-trois; about coincidence and the tipping point between desire and reality.


dtv Literatur
180 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26022-0
1. April 2014