The Meatloaf Addict

Franz Eberhofer’s cholesterol levels are as high as his spirits are low. It’s goodbye to Bavarian meatloaf sandwiches and grandmother’s scrumptious meatballs, and hello to endless servings of rabbit food. To make matters worse, just as Franz has really begun to engage with his son in a big way, Susi is giving him a hard time about the kid; his access has been dramatically curtailed and she’s sticking stubbornly to the new routine with no pardon in sight…

Then a stranger is found brutally murdered in Liesl Mooshammer’s guesthouse; his face has been rubbed in fire accelerant and put on fire and he is disfigured beyond recognition. What the hell was he doing in Niederkaltenkirchen anyway? Nobody comes here for fun... When the Angolan footballer Buengo—of all people!—who plays for the local team, is suspected of the murder, Eberhofer takes up the case…

• the seventh case of the acclaimed cult series, with over 2.8 million copies in circulation

Volume: 7


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
320 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26085-5
22. Januar 2016