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Tomorrow My Cover Will Be Blown

About feeling like you didn’t earn your success

How to defeat deceptive self-perceptions

People who suffer from imposter syndrome do not ascribe their success to their own abilities, but to either lucky circumstances or to coincidence. Even when esteemed and recognized in their professional and private spheres, they live in ongoing fear that they will be found out and exposed as phonies and frauds.
Michaela Muthig explains the various aspects of this widespread phenomenon. Above all, she describes the ways that you can free yourself from this specific form of the inferiority complex and can develop a healthy sense of pride.

• Recognising and overcoming “imposter syndrome”
• Destructive self-doubt: an expert throws light on the causes and effects
• A liberating examination of a taboo topic
• Learn how to help yourself: with clear instructions for actions, in addition to tips and coaching exercises


dtv Ratgeber
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26292-7
21. Mai 2021