Words and Wonders

Fall and rise of a bookselling family

Who needs books when there isn’t enough butter to put on the bread? Everyone who has ever dreamt of a new beginning...

It is a matter of survival, but young Ruth, the daughter of a bookseller family, refuses to only think about the butter for the bread. Her father devoted his life to literature, and he was also an industrious worker. His main ambition had been to make a big name for his family and to expand their bookstore. It was a shame that he had to stand by and watch as the venerable shop near the Schöneberg City Hall burned to the ground. It was as if the fire had also eaten away at him. His son Friedrich, who went missing during the war, had been his hope and joy, and he had refused to listen to Ruth’s ideas. However, it is her turn now. Berlin needs voices and stories. Berlin needs imagination. The dark years are over, and the Klinger Book Shop has survived...

• A tribute to the power of books and reading
• A sweeping family story about survival and new beginnings


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
336 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26309-2
17. November 2021