The Spark from Prague

How the courage to fight for liberty changed the course of history

A cry went through the crowd camped outside the German embassy in Prague when on the evening of September 30th 1989 Hans-Dietrich Genscher appeared on the balcony and announced that an agreement had been reached on refugee travel to West Germany. Many thousands of East German citizens—men, women and children—made their way to West Germany via Prague between August and November of that year, and on the 3rd of November the Czech government finally decreed that people could leave the country without a visa from East Germany, the "brother country".

On November 9th, the Berlin Wall fell. What Hans-Dietrich Genscher described as the primordial stream of history could no longer be held back. These were dramatic days, weeks and months; an unpredictable time when the long-sought happy ending was by no means guaranteed.

A gripping and moving documentary compiled by one of the era’s major players in collaboration with one of the leading authorities on Czechoslovakian history, offering new insights into the historical context.


dtv Sachbuch
352 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28047-1
2. Auflage 2014