The Other Kosmos

70 texts, 70 places, 70 years: 1789 - 1859
Renaissance man, scientist, citizen of the world, first environmental activist, international publicist His articles and essays were distributed around the world in an extraordinary manner: over 1,000 texts in fourteen languages in 30 scholarly disciplines in 250 media platforms published from 100 locations on five continents. Humboldt published his writings over a span of 70 years. This compendium contains a selection of 70 texts, 10 from each decade, which exemplify Humboldt’s life and work. It includes for example, an experiment he performed on himself with electric eels while in South America. These animals’ electric shocks can kill horses, but Humboldt survived his experience and went on to describe it in detail.
  • The great rediscovery: published for the first time in book format
  • An exciting read, recounting Humboldt’s spectacular experiments on himself
  • For readers of Andrea Wulf: The Invention of Nature


dtv Sachbuch
448 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28170-6
22. März 2019