Dictionary of Psychology

Psychology takes into consideration the nature of humanity and the natural science behind it. It is a differentiated field today, with a highly developed and unique jargon, the most important terms of which are explained in this dictionary. Present-day psychology, in both its reseach and its applications, is certainly of an inter-disciplinary orientation. Thus the basic terms from the related biomedical and social-science spheres are also considered. When appropriate, the explanation of terms is complemented by information on etymology, diversity of meaning, and literary uses.

A comprehensive introduction describes the historical development and the current state of psychology. The list of keywords in the English language, with references to the appropriate terms in the appendix, is meant as an aid when reading English-language sources.


dtv Sachbuch
656 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34231-5
26. Auflage, Juni 2008