The New Iran

- between hope and despotism

An inside view of the most important power in the Middle East

The Islamic Republic stands for an authoritarian yet modern society grounded in technology and the military which has nevertheless managed to retain a unique Iranian culture. But Iranian society is rent by an ongoing struggle: Which roles are tradition, religion and western influences to play in the future? At the same time the country is far more open than other authoritarian powers in Asia. Iran is on the cusp of a new tomorrow. And women are playing a central part: unlike their Arab neighbours, they enjoy a high level of education and are therefore a driving force for social change.

This book focuses on everyday Iranian life beyond the state. Charlotte Wiedemann brings in-depth knowledge to her exhaustive analysis of the Iranian worldview, the at times almost obsessive national pride and the deep-seated fears originating in centuries of colonial oppression.

· includes a chronology and chart depicting the state structure

· a multi-faceted narrative portrait of a country significant in both economic and political terms

· an exploration that goes way beyond stereotype thinking


dtv Sachbuch
304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34944-4
2. Auflage 2019