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En Route

The Meaning of Travel and the Magic of Adventure

Destination: the world

Achill Moser, “passionate globetrotter and go-getter,” invites us to participate in his fascination for the sublime natural environment. In an increasingly swiftly turning world, we need nature as a counterbalance and measure for our own existence, as well as a source of inspiration and healing. Forests, mountains, rivers, seas, and deserts are outstanding examples of our planet’s habitats. They influence us physically and spiritually - every path into the natural world is also an exploration of each individual’s metaphysical topography. Achill Moser has a good eye for the exceptional, but he is also sensitive to the simple joy we take from being on the road. He insightfully describes the feeling that is generated whenever we submerge ourselves in the vast breadth of nature and find ourselves in the company of new thoughts.

- Trendy subject matter: self-discovery through hiking
- More than a travelogue: a practical philosophy for traveling and hiking

“We don’t need nature with its amazing diversity as an economic factor. We need nature for the good it does our souls.” Achill Moser


dtv Sachbuch
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34973-4
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