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Broadway instead of Camino de Santiago

Deceleration in a Different Way

Adventure instead of midlife crisis!

“I didn’t need a sabbatical; I needed a new challenge.”

What do you do when you find yourself on the verge of a midlife crisis? Retreat into monastic silence? Adopt a strict regimen of fasting and long hikes? Early retirement? Booooooring! The cabaret performer and bestselling author Vince Ebert went in the opposite direction, choosing to spend a year in the edgiest and fastest-paced city in the world: New York City!

Ramping up instead of slowing down. In a shoebox-sized apartment on the Lower East Side. And thus he took a deep dive into the American Way of Life, where he relentlessly pursued the most basic of questions. How is it possible that a nation that sent astronauts to the moon is incapable of producing functional shower faucets? And can you really go from dish washer to millionaire? Or just to dishwasher operator?

Broadway, not Camino de Santiago: Vince Ebert discovers that life after 50 has new meaning in the Big Apple.

  • Personal, smart and very funny: Vince Ebert recounts his break in the Big Apple
  • The Spiegel bestselling author about his self-chosen challenge in New York City
  • Total print-run of former books by the author: 500,000 copies


dtv Sachbuch
368 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34990-1
10. September 2020