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How We Become the People We Want to Be The Path to the I Who Will Fulfill My Needs
These days, many people are searching for their “true selves”. However the “I” isn’t a fixed quantity, but in constant flux. Christina Berndt has dedicated herself to the big, intriguing question of how we become what we are. She focuses on the creation and development of our personalities, and on the classic turning points in our lives. Which mental tools help to shield us from negative influences and enable us to better utilize the positive ones? Our personalities exist in a constant feedback loop with our lives. Major life decisions and even minor experiences have a strong impact on our identities. The author provides fascinating insights into recent scientific studies, reflects on our constantly changing identity, and gives recommendations on how you can stay in touch with yourself throughout your lifetime.


dtv Sachbuch
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-35047-1
22. Dezember 2021
Rights sold: Italy, Brazil,