I, Hannibal, the Flea

Just a tiny flea with great courage

There must be more to life than working, drinking, and sleeping, thinks Hannibal, the admired star of the flea circus. And before you can blink twice, he jumps to freedom. But in the real world, he’s nothing more than a pest who has to be careful not to get squashed. Not the tinniest bit of admiration. However, as tiny as Hannibal is, he has a lot of courage and is very smart. He soon hatches a clever plan that will take him back to his comfy home with its regular working hours and plentiful treats.

  • A classical children’s story how a little bit of courage helps you overcome great obstacles
  • For readers of Martin Waddell and Irina Korschunow


dtv Reihe Hanser
104 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-64043-5
21. September 2018