Maier’s Fabulous Mystery Tour

A Tour through Europe – for you to join in and solve the puzzles!
Travelling à la Maier is probably not everyone’s idea of fun, for it requires nerves of steel! The Maiers won their trip as a prize for a crossword puzzle and they are now being carted all over Europe by the travel agency Crazy Tours – from Munich to Amsterdam on a double-decker bus, then on to Paris on vintage Dutch bicycles; then to London via Hamburg, to Prague in a hot air balloon, on the back of a circus elephant to Vienna, all the way to Crakow, Budapest, Venice and Majorca ....

And that’s not all – at the various different destinations all sorts of impossible things happen: who created the cheese-chaos in Amsterdam? Who stole the Eiffel Tower from the Louvre? And why does everyone in Majorca have to drag the same toy animal with them when they go to the beach?! It’s no wonder that in view of all this chaos the Maier Family need the readers to help them out, and so the motto is: hop on, take a seat and help solve the puzzles!


dtv Junior
64 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-70840-1
Rights sold: Czech Republic, Latvia, France, Italy