Wanda and the Girl Haters

With two-colour illustrations
Wanda has been looking forward to the school trip to the country house for days, especially as they’re going with that nice supply teacher who loves cinnamon rolls just as much as Wanda does. But then their form teacher Frau Schmitz recovers from the flu just in time to take them and there she is waiting by the bus with her luggage. And not just that: to Wanda’s annoyance the other class in their year is going too, the class that Leonie has been a member of for a while. That pest Leonie of all people! She is as mad on horses as Wanda’s best friend Katti, and she’s been doing her best for ages to take Katti away from Wanda.

And then there’s Bernie with his gang of girl haters. He and his friends behave in such an obnoxious way, swaggering around and trying to be macho, that the girls decide it’s high time to get their own back once and for all. At night they sneak into the boy’s dormitory and play a practical joke on them. Unfortunately, the victim is Wanda’s friend Fabian …


dtv Junior
128 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-70908-8
Rights sold: Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia & Montenegro, Latvia, Chinese (simplified characters), Spain (Catalan language), Turkey
Rights available again: Czech Republic; Spain (Castilian)