Wanda – Galloping Revenge

The holidays have arrived at long last! But all the grownups have already made their plans – none of which include Wanda. Her father is going on a special holiday with his girlfriend, their last before the new baby arrives. And Wanda’s mother has been commissioned to produce a photo reportage. So what’s poor Wanda supposed to do? In the end she has no choice other than to join her friend Katti, who’s spending her holidays at the riding stables. Wanda is furious. Riding stables are about the last place on earth that she would spend her holidays, given the choice. It’s just as well that Fabian is going to be there too, as part of the gang. However, he seems to settle in there without any trouble at all, virtually overnight. But, as far as Wanda is concerned, the horses are all way too big, the riding instructors far too smart and snooty and the other girls a load of bitches on horseback. And then to make matters worse, who should turn up at the stables on their bikes but the gang of girl-haters…

»You just can’t help but enjoy Wanda.« (Stern)

»Dagmar Geisler’s book is the ideal antidote to a wet and dreary day Wanda’s comments, notes and annotations in the margins are bound to make you smile, if they don’t have you rolling on the floor in fits of laughter. Her perspective on things is simply delightful and the author sets the scene so skilfully with witty drawings. The text and illustrations supplement one another beautifully - a delightful read is guaranteed.« (Literatour)


dtv Junior
128 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71226-2
1. Auflage, April 2007
Rights sold: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Chinese (simplified characters), Catalan, Castilian, Dutch language