Max & Me & Our World

Jana (18) and Max (21) fall in love soon after Max moves to Berlin. The two of them are happy — until the day Max disappears after receiving an ominous phone call, supposedly from his sick mother. He packs his bag and that’s the last Jana hears from him. She sets out in search of him and finds herself in an alien world. She learns more about Max’s past — something she’d known nothing about before. Max was a drug addict, and although he’s been clean for a long time, his past has caught up with him. Now Jana has to decide whether her love is strong enough to stand by the new Max...

• Rousing, full of suspense, psychologically dense and recounted with great warmth and compassion, despite the hard-hitting topic
• The novel keeps the reader hooked from the start: narrated in a casual, unflustered fashion, the different milieus in which Jana and Max move come alive on the page


dtv Junior
304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71676-5
22. April 2016