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Quick! Wake Up the Sloth!

Everyone loves Stanley, the sloth

Finn, Zoe and Henry are more than a little astonished when one day a sloth swings into the kitchen. And what a sloth it is! Stanley’s charm doesn’t just stem from his friendly, laid-back demeanor; he is a cunning soccer player (in slow motion, of course), is capable of repeating single words, and seems to possess a built-in lie detector. He very quickly becomes part of the family, as well as the best friend of dwarf mammoth Norbert, who recently started living with Henry’s family. However, sloth researcher Stockmann is already lurking out in the bushes. What is he up to?

- Reading fun for the entire family!
- For all the children who have ever wished for a cuddly pet sloth

Volume: 2


dtv Junior
192 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71856-1
24. April 2020