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Dream Jumper

What would happen if someone sold your dreams?
Leon discovers that he can secretly slip into other people’s dreams without being noticed. And not only that – he finds himself immersed in a secret, hidden world. For many millennia, Morpheus and his two siblings have been gathering and archiving people’s dreams. But now the guardian of the night desperately needs Leon’s help. Leon is the only one who can move like an agent between the waking and the dream worlds. He alone has the ability to investigate the mischief that Morpheus’ brother Krato is up to after he vanished without a trace. But not before threatening to plunder the dream archive and tapping into people’s dreams...
  • For readers of Cornelia Funke and Michael Ende
  • The new book by the bestselling author of Zippel, the Little Keyhole Ghost


dtv Junior
256 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71892-9
23. Juli 2021