All of Us, Together

Samira came from Africa by ship and truck. Amad misses his footballing mates back in Iraq, but he had to leave because of the war and now he shoots at goals with his friends in Düsseldorf. Dilara was born in Berlin but speaks fluent Turkish and loves celebrating the sugar feast that marks the end of Ramadan. Her family came from Anatolia years ago because there was work for them here.

We’re all from somewhere else if we go back far enough. But now we all live here together—which is really exciting some of the time, but can be difficult too. Either way, life is more colourful when people from all over the world come together.

• A warm-hearted, candid book on multicultural integration and coexistence.
• An effortless, lively approach to a controversial and highly charged topic.


Klett Kinderbuch
40 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-104-9
1. Oktober 2014
Rights sold: French language, Spain (cast., cat., gal.), Slovenia, Hungary, Turkey, Albania, PR China