A Comfort Break in the Valley of the Clueless

Jobst and his mother were travelling home from their mediaeval holiday and only intended to stop in 1986 for a toilet break. But then the case that holds their time machine disappears into thin air and they find themselves stuck in the middle of East Germany! Jobst has only heard rumours about the GDR, a country where children are referred to as pioneers, where there’s no tropical fruit and the grocery shops only offer what’s in season locally. There’s no way the two of them can get home without their time machine, so of course they get involved in all kinds of exciting adventures—including a rather unfortunate encounter with the Chairman of the State Council.

Today’s youngsters have little or no idea of what it felt like growing up in the GDR. This book describes childhood in East Germany—not as a dull litany of facts, but as an authentic, action-packed adventure full of humour.

• A story offering plenty of laughs, food for thought and insights into a world that’s not as far away as we might think…


Klett Kinderbuch
256 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-147-6
23. September 2016