Martin Fuchs

The Absssoluuutely Normal Mr. Gnirzdefrrrtz

As crazy as the rest of us

Who says there’s anything wrong with Mr. Gnirzdefrrrtz? He’s completely normal! You can tell that right away from his ordinary name. And his beard of a thousand funny green millipedes is also nothing special. Neither are his teeth, which are just as checkered as ours are whenever we smile.
With each page, we get to know this loony gentleman with all his strange characteristics - at the same time, the story makes it quite clear why he is anything but crazy or unusual. Children will be delighted by this hysterical tale of reversed expectations, thanks in no small part to the irreverent, silly illustrations by Fréderic Bertrand.

Don’t we alll have a little Gnirzdefrrrtz in us?

  • A marvelously whimsical nonsense book to inspire laughter, amazement and conversation
  • An important message: Each of us should be just the way we are!


Klett Kinderbuch
32 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-183-4
9. Februar 2018