Tanja Székessy

The Way You are when You are that Way

Have you noticed? You’re hurting me!

The rabbit and the little girl are best friends, though not always.
“Let me show you what it’s like when you’re that way,” the rabbit declares.
We see what the girl does. We see what the rabbit feels when this happens. Not good at all!
Fortunately, the girl can be completely different. Once again, we see what she does and how the rabbit feels. Really good!
Children can be cruel and also Children can be kind.
Very simply and succinctly, this book will help them to realize something important about themselves.

  • An emotionally intense book about empathy
  • Beautifully touching and unambiguous images
  • An aha! experience and discussion opportunity for children over 3


Klett Kinderbuch
40 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-190-2
20. Juli 2018