Horst Klein, Monika Osberghaus

Everyone’s Disabled

Anyone who is reading this is disabled!

Yes, even you! This book brings the bloated division of “challenged” here and “normal” there to an end. This topic relates to all of us: Anna has Down’s Syndrome, Mareike is academically gifted, Julien is the the biggest brat who has ever lived, Max is spastic. And while Sofie rolls her wheelchair to the ice cream shop, Vanessa only allows herself to eat a single pickle spear because of her obsession with beauty. This book will introduce you to 25 well-known and popular conditions, including your very own. Anyone who finds themselves frowning in the face of this book suffers from a humor disability!

  • A vibrant resource on the topic of inclusion
  • Humorous, wild, and full of affection
  • Created in collaboration with numerous special children and their parents
  • For curious children and readers of Tell Me


Klett Kinderbuch
40 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-217-6
20. September 2019
Rights sold: Turkey