Jürg Lendenmann

Globi on Pirate Island

Volume 80

While cleaning out the attic, Globi discovers the logbook of his great grandfather, the captain of a merchant ship. This inspires him to seek a long lost pirate treasure! Globi''s treasure hunt is highly adventurous and he meets all kinds of people and animals along the way. Some of them are good and helpful, while others have only mischief in their heads. James the tortoise, who is nearly 200 years old, provides Globi with valuable information and becomes a true friend. James even rescues Globi from the clutches of Flint and his band of thugs who seek the same treasure. Time and again, James'' knowledge of the old pirate''s ways help Globi in his quest. Assisted by other friendly animals, Globi and James finally succeed in recovering the treasure despite the villainous efforts of Flint and his bandits. The happy end is guarunteed: Globi found not only the long-lost treasure, but many new friends as well! This Globi book was published simultaneously in English under the title of „Globi on Pirate Island

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