The HarbourCity Conspiracy

The UnderDocks

Hamburg 2050: Leon’s journey to school takes him right through the middle of the dreaded Sharks gang’s hunting-ground. The gang strikes fear into the hearts of all and sundry, and 12-year-old Leon – one of their favourite victims – has been wanting to organise resistance for ages. But how to go about it? In his headquarters in the city’s underground tunnels he experiments with all sorts of chemicals. Then one day he achieves the impossible. As a side effect of another botched experiment, Leon finds he can walk through walls! This gives him the sort of opportunities he’d never even dreamt of: with the help of his friends Pepito the gadget man and Linda the cat-burglar, the newly-minted superhero takes the war deep into the Sharks’ territory.

An action-packed fantasy crime thriller – with unique storyboards for every chapter!

You can find an English book trailer here: http://youtu.be/laLgBw-j8-Y.

Volume: 1


dtv Junior
336 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76051-5
1. Oktober 2012