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Socks and Sophie

How to Speak “Horse”

The Problem is Sitting in the Saddle

Socks, the pony was abused and has lost all faith in humans ever since. Sophie, however, is overjoyed when she is allowed to take Socks into her care. But her dream is quickly broken. Sophie is soon forced to admit that she and Socks simply can’t live in harmony. The ongoing misunderstandings between the pony and the girl lead to a number of dangerous situations. And then, when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, something tragic looms on the horizon – if Socks won’t let himself be ridden soon, he will be put to sleep by people who dismiss him as a “problem horse”. Sophie has to learn how to speak horse - and fast!

• Juli Zeh skillfully weaves information about horse communication into an exciting story
• Entertaining and enlightening, thanks to the special narrative of both the human AND the horse
• Includes funny and informative colour illustrations by Flix
• Books by bestselling author Juli Zeh have been translated into 35 languages


dtv Junior
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76325-7
7. Auflage 2021
Rights sold: Italy (Il Castoro)