Coverbild If I Was Quiet, Could I Stay With You? von Andrea Hensgen, ISBN-978-3-423-70816-6

If I Was Quiet, Could I Stay With You?

With black-and-white illustrations by Daniel Napp
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One day the noise of rustling, snuffling, scraping, scrunching and munching is heard coming from under the big wardrobe: an animal must have got into David’s room from the garden. And when David bends down to have a look under the wardrobe he finds that there is really something there – a little snout peeks out every now and then. Then suddenly this snout says quietly in English: »If I was quiet, could I stay with you?«

What a strange creature! It looks like a cross between a guinea pig and a bear and, what’s more, it speaks in a foreign language that David doesn’t understand! Still, as it appears to be perfectly polite, David decides to help the animal out from under the wardrobe. But Snouty, as David calls the furry snuffling creature, is completely stuck and he has a real struggle getting him out. When they finally see each other face to face, David and Snouty instantly take a liking to each other – despite the language barrier – , and David is hell bent on keeping Snouty. But there’s a seemingly insurmountable problem – he will have to make sure his family doesn’t discover the rather strange new visitor – pets are not allowed in the house. The other thing is that David doesn’t realize Snouty is actually an Australian wombat that has escaped from the zoo – with a price on his head! Whoever finds the animal will get a reward of 1000 Euro ...
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112 pages, Age 9 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-70816-6

Rights sold: Korea
About the author
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Andrea Hensgen

Andrea Hensgen was born in 1959 and has made her home in Karlsruhe. Her sophisticated books for young people have gained her a large following, likewise her novel recently published by dtv. ›If I Was Quiet, Could I Stay With You?‹ is her first children’s book in the dtv junior series.