Coverbild Gifts for the Soul von Bettina Lemke, ISBN-978-3-423-28100-3

Gifts for the Soul

Feel-good moments for each day
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The fine art of taking your time

Making time for yourself or others, discovering the path to your inner self or external power centres—Bettina Lemke urges us to live in the present and savour each moment. Relaxation through breathing exercises, awareness meditation, a gratitude diary—the book offers a treasure trove of ideas to realign your spirit, strike out on roads less travelled and dedicate yourself to the art of leisure and the myriad wonders of everyday life.

• a topic very much in tune with the current zeitgeist: how to find peace in a hectic world
• a book to immerse yourself in time and again
• the perfect gift—for yourself and others

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208 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28100-3

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About the author
Portrait von Bettina Lemke

Bettina Lemke

Bettina Lemke is a freelance editor, author, publisher, and translator. After earning degrees in American Studies, as well as English and Spanish Literature, she worked for many years as an editor in the publishing industry. Seventeen years ago, she left her job with a large trade publisher in Munich in order to devote herself to freelance work. She moved to Ireland for several years, where she restored a traditional stone cottage in the northwestern region. She is the translator of John Strelecky’s and Barbara Sher’s books, among the numerous other works she has brought into German. She has also made a name for herself in the counseling branch of the publishing world. Her successful publications include Der kleine Taschenbuddhist/The Pocket Buddhist (80,000 copies) and, most recently, Geschenke fuer die Seele/Gifts for the Soul. Bettina Lemke lives near Munich, and spends several months of the year in Ireland, which has become her second home.

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