Coverbild Love, Sex and More von Christine Wolfrum, Peter Süß, ISBN-978-3-423-78201-2

Love, Sex and More

A Sex Education Book for Young Adults. Revised and updated edition
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Let's talk about sex, in a competent, open and entertaining way.

For this task, we have chosen as authors a knowledgeable man and woman, so that they can give answers to all that questions that girls and boys in the jungle of emotions that emerges during puberty might have.

There are interviews and text contributions by young adults for young adults that guarantee an authentic, true-to-life and credible, original 'sound' as well as good entertainment.

Comprehensive medical information is given to all questions concerning the development of the body, sexual development and contraception.
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248 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-78201-2

Rights sold: S. Korea, Albania
About the author

Christine Wolfrum

Christine Wolfrum works as a journalist and author in Munich where she lives with her family. Together with Peter Süß she wrote 'So wild nach deinem Erdbeermund' for dtv junior, a book on sex education for young readers which was on the selection list for the Deutsche Jugendbuchpreis.
About the illustrator
Portrait des Autors Hans-Jürgen Feldhaus

Hans-Jürgen Feldhaus

Hans-Jürgen Feldhaus, born in 1966, studied graphics design at Münster and works as a freelance illustrator for various firms and publishers. He has illustrated numerous books in the dtv junior series.