Coverbild dtv-Atlas Ecology von Dieter Heinrich, Manfred Hergt, ISBN-978-3-423-03228-5

dtv-Atlas Ecology

With 122 charts in colour by Rudolf and Rosemarie Fahnert
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The ›dtv-Atlas of Ecology‹ introduces the basic theories and methodology used in this area and presents the issues and problems relating to the subject. Starting with elementary ecological processes and eco-systems, recent processes and developments are shown using case studies from real life. Imminent threats to the environment are described, trends are explained, and possible means of solving these problems are discussed.

The atlas is a reliable guide and a comprehensive compendium of facts and examples that can be used by science students at school and at university, as well as anyone interested in environmental issues. The detailed index guarantees its efficacy as a work of reference.


Fundamental principles – Basic ecological processes – Biogeochemical cycles – The ecology of population – Ecological systems – Human intervention: agriculture, mining, industry, settlement, recreational activities, traffic – Problem areas: noise, air pollution, water pollution of ground water, rivers and seas, crop spraying, energy sources, waste disposal – Assessment of eco-systems – Approaches to solving problems – Global issues

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288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-03228-5

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About the author

Dieter Heinrich

Dr. Dieter Heinrich, born 1945, and Manfred Hergt, born 1940, both studied biology and geography and taught at a grammar school in Bielefeld.

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