Coverbild First Aid Manual von Harald Karutz, Manfred von Buttlar, ISBN-978-3-423-34491-3

First Aid Manual

With 104 illustrations in colour by Jörg Mair
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First Aid Can Save a Life

A stable lateral position, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, CPR - who knows how to do all these things, especially if you haven't taken a first aid course in decades.

Yet there is nothing more irritating than not being able to help in an emergency. We may be confronted with this situation every day - in the street, at home, at work or in our free time.

This First Aid Manual gives a survey of the entire subject area through explanatory text and illustrated charts. The authors explain the basic mechanisms of the human body in connection with important vital functions - all essential prerequisites for first aid. They describe emergency cases, symptoms and first-aid measures in detail, and compare similar symptoms that may easily be confused. Any person who wishes to be prepared for an emergency will get invaluable assistance from this Atlas.

Contents: Taking care of people, states of unconsciousness, respiratory and circulatory disturbances, wounds and injuries of the skin, injuries of digestive organs, injuries of the circulatory system, injuries from heat or cold, intoxication and burns, preventative measures.

A standard work which should be in the car, at the workplace, in the house, in airplanes, on ships, in the vacation house and in official buildings - in short, in all places where people are.
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256 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34491-3
About the author

Harald Karutz

Harald Karutz was born in 1975, studied German, paedagogics and protestant theology at Duisburg University. In 1993, he was professionally trained to be a rescue assistant, since 1994 he has been trainer for first aid and ambulance services. As a side occupation, he has worked for the Red Cross in Mühlheim and has been second instructor with the regional German Red Cross section since 1996.Dr. med. Manfred von Buttlar was born in 1955, is a specialist in internal medicine with an additional training for intensive medicine and is senior physician at the Marien-Hospital in Oberhausen. For more than twenty years, he has worked in an honorary capacity for the Red Cross.