Coverbild The Ultimate School Survival Book von Imke Stotz, ISBN-978-3-423-71786-1

The Ultimate School Survival Book

7,95 EURO

Be careful, don’t let it fall in the wrong hands!

Everything you need to survive the boring school hours: cartoons, teacher and student slang, pages to play dots and boxes as well as Battleship, instructions on how to make paper airplanes, jokes, little riddles, pages to design and destroy, teacher evaluation questionnaires, comics to personalize, teacher cartoons to complete, and much, much more.

- Includes cartoons, jokes, little puzzles, and much more

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144 pages, Age 10 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-71786-1

Rights sold: Greece
About the author

Imke Stotz

Imke Stotz (born 1966) and Stephan Rürup (born 1965) both studied visual communications at Munster and work for various different publishing houses. Stephan Rürup’s cartoons appear on a regular basis in the satirical magazine Titanic.

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