Coverbild Here’s Sand in your Eye! von Katrin Einhorn, ISBN-978-3-423-21669-2

Here’s Sand in your Eye!

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Maths and physics student Lenny has decided to propose to his girlfriend Zoe on their holiday in the South of France. But then the ring falls into the pool just as he is offering it to her! When Zoe appears supremely unmoved by Lenny’s proposal and his gift despite the huge effort involved in retrieving it, Lenny grows suspicious. Just who is this guy Dominik, anyway, who suddenly shows up unannounced in her room? Although the answer means that Lenny has to look for alternative accommodation, he’s not about to give up his true love without a fight. So he forges a wicked plan that’s full of surprises—and not only for Zoe, either!

· a mathematician, a love gone astray—and the onset of chaos in the life of a homo faber

  • a fresh and risqué love story full of twists and turns, set against the stunning backdrop of Southern France
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About the author
Portrait des Autors Katrin Einhorn

Katrin Einhorn

Katrin Einhorn was born in 1979. After studying German and French she went on to work as a teacher. She lives in Trier with her family and uses the hours her children sleep to write her charming and witty novels.
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Katrin Einhorn: Sand in Sicht

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