Coverbild Lennart Malmkvist and the Utterly Fantastical Guest from Trindemossen von Lars Simon, ISBN-978-3-423-21704-0

Lennart Malmkvist and the Utterly Fantastical Guest from Trindemossen

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“It’s always strange,” the inspector remarked. “Whenever mysterious things happen, you suddenly appear, Lennart Malmkvist. It’s as if you had a sixth sense for such things.”

Trindemossen, a magical forest on the edge of Gothenburg, conceals countless secrets. Along with his pug dog Bölthorn, Lennart Malmkvist is making his way there to visit Prof. Titus Hellstroem. He is supposed to help Lennart finally bring the Dark Parchments into his possession. But Hellstroem seems oddly distracted, and the police are at his home. Apparently Hellstroem’s wife has been abducted… Once again, Lennart tries to bring order to the magical chaos surrounding him. And he must ultimately choose between the Dark Parchments and Bölthorn, whom he loves so very much.

- Book 2 in the urban-fantasy crime series with the pug
- A series so full of both excitement and heart-warming feeling that you will forget everything else around you

Reviews on Book 1:
“A humorous mixture of fantasy and crime fiction, packed full of whimsical and quirky characters.” Juliane Gringer, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung
“A book full of magic and lots of heart.” Markus Eggert,

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About the author
Portrait von Lars Simon

Lars Simon

Lars Simon was born in '68 (which may explain a lot, but not everything); after his studies, he spent many long years working as marketing manager of an IT company before moving to Sweden, where he resided as a tourist artisan in a wooden house with his family for more than six years. He has recently returned to live in the Frankfurt area.

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