Coverbild Nietzsche for Beginners. Thus Spoke Zarathustra von Rüdiger Schmidt, ISBN-978-3-423-30124-4

Nietzsche for Beginners. Thus Spoke Zarathustra

A Reading Introduction.
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Kant and Nietzsche - everyone knows that they are two famous German philosophers. Some may perhaps remember Kant in connection with 'Enlightenment' or know that Nietzsche was insane at the end of his life, having propagated the super-human.

However, few people have read Kant or Nietzsche in the original, and others may have put their books aside after a few pages.

Reading Kant is difficult; reading Nietzsche may seem easier. These introductions offer help to those who want to or have to read them. They take the reader step by step, introduce the very particular terminology and eventually enable the reader to attack the major works alone and even derive pleasure from doing so.
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208 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-30124-4

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