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Who We Are

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Stop asking over and over how evil comes into the world. It has always been here. Let go of Hitler, be pitiless and deny the perpetrators their dark glory. Despise them.

Over here! Look at these people, face the real mystery:


You will never have met them like this, the Moltke’s and the brothers Stauffenberg, the Bonhoeffer’s and all the others, who, for any number of reasons, decided to stand up against Hitler and his inhuman regime. Who We Are is a singular novel of epic proportions, spanning the years from the German empire, the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich to the post-war period, and in the course of its more than 2,000 pages, taking the reader from the mansions of imperial Berlin to the bohemian flats of the Twenties, from the great estates east of the Elbe to the concentration camps of the Nazis.

The biographies of these men and women with their manifold connections – be they based on friendship, profession or kinship – is a panorama of people from a huge variety of backgrounds, with all their facets and deficiencies, their glamour and misery and all of their dignity; people who gave their lives because they believed in humanity.

Based on a six-year-long research and thousands of documents, private letters and memoirs, the author manages to restore the genuine voices of her protagonists.

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2032 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28003-7
About the author
Portrait des Autors Sabine Friedrich

Sabine Friedrich

Sabine Friedrich, born in 1958 in Coburg, studied German and English in Munich and gained her PhD in 1989. Returning to her native Coburg in 1996, she has been living there ever since with her family. In 2012, Sabine Friedrich published her comprehensive novel “Wer wir sind” about the German resistance, along with a work report about the development of this novel.
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Sabine Friedrich: Wer wir sind

Hintergrundinformationen zu Sabine Friedrichs einzigartigem Roman über den Deutschen Widerstand.