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The Girl at the Piano

The setting is Leipzig at the turn of the 19 th century: an ambitious and at times tyrannical piano teacher and music shop owner, Friedrich Wieck is set on turning his second-born daughter Clara into a musical prodigy. Clara certainly has the talent and the determination. A virtuoso ...

My Father, My Son and Kilimanjaro

An Adventurous Journey

The thirst for adventure and Achill Moser go hand in hand, but what was the catalyst behind his fascination with far-flung places? This becomes clear to him when he meets his biological father Harry at the age of twenty-eight: Harry's lifelong dream had been to climb Kilimanjaro. Together the ...

The Black German

Witnessing history through the eyes of a German-African

This is the story of a man born in Berlin in 1925, the son of a German mother and a Cameroonian father. When his father came to Germany, Cameroon was still a German colony, but after the First World War the Empire was lost and the atmosphere grew increasingly hostile. Black people were reduced ...

Rights sold: France, English World Rights

Three Lives. A Memoir

Max Mannheimer spent an untroubled youth in the Sudetenland. Yet his old life came to an end when the German Wehrmacht invaded in 1938. Restrictions and petty mistreatment increased and the Jewish family had to leave their home. In 1943 Mannheimer's parents, three siblings and his young ...