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Body Intelligence

What you need to know to stay young

How to stay young - even if you're growing old!

When do you start growing old? At 30? At 50? At 70? Or even later? According to scientists, there's no hard and fast rule. Countless scientific studies leave us in no doubt that our lifestyle has a major influence on how youthful ...

Katharina von der Gathen

Tell Me

Everything children really want to know about sex-and aren't afraid to ask

How much sex education do primary school children need? As much as they ask for, say the experts. And what exactly is it that children want to know? When teaching primary school classes about the human ...

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How I Set Out to Buy some Milk and Came Home with a Bicycle

The deeper truth behind our decisions

Many of our decisions have no major influence on our lives, while others are a matter of do or die. And some of them are so insane in retrospect that we can hardly believe we took them. A single good or bad decision can change the course of our lives forever. But what influences our decisions?

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It’s Free Up There

How to overcome mental blocks - 111 strategies, prompts and exercises

Simple Tools for Change

We often get in our own way: we set up mental barriers, question ourselves constantly, look on the down side of things, lack courage, and fear the unknown. This is called self-sabotage, and it can erode our self-confidence. Experienced trainer Jacqueline ...

Our Astonishing Immune System

How it protects and heals us - and how we can strengthen it every day

Our bodies' miraculous defense system: everything we need to know about our immune systems

Millions of microorganisms have colonized us: bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites. Most of them are harmless, but some of them are malignant pathogens. Without a functioning immune system, we ...

Understanding Children

Everything you need to know about pacifier throwers, veggie holdouts, and mattress jumpers

Understanding children made easy

Why do children always eat the same things? Why do they always dawdle?
Why are boys eventually arrayed against the girls? Why do toddlers throw everything?
Why do children pick their noses all the time?

Our little fellow humans are ...

Preventive Healthcare

How to keep your body and soul healthy

Every year our average life expectancy increases by two months, but in order to make the most of this gift and the many years that precede it, we need to take good care of ourselves. This means we should be taking action to stave off potential health problems before they have a negative impact on ...

Gifts for the Soul

Feel-good moments for each day

The fine art of taking your time

Making time for yourself or others, discovering the path to your inner self or external power centres-Bettina Lemke urges us to live in the present and savour each moment. Relaxation through breathing exercises, awareness meditation, a gratitude ...

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The Book of the Heart

A comprehensive guide to heart disease - the number one public health priority

With four-colour illustrations

Marianne Koch takes the reader on a voyage of discovery into the very epicentre of our bodies, the human heart. On this journey, we find out how the heart's energy and its ability to work efficiently are crucial to the well-being and survival of all our ...

First Aid Manual

With 104 illustrations in colour by Jörg Mair

First Aid Can Save a Life

A stable lateral position, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, CPR - who knows how to do all these things, especially if you haven't taken a first aid course in decades.

Yet there is nothing more irritating than not being able to help in an emergency. We ...

Our Children’s Health

Our children are the future - raising them to be young individuals that are physically and mentally healthy is a responsibility that concerns parents, relatives and teachers alike.

Bestselling author Dr. Marianne Koch, with her established expertise and vivid style of writing, ...

Your Child's First Three Years

From the first cry to the first steps - From the first step to the first word - From toddler to nursery school child.

The first year of life is a time in which the development of a human being progresses at an unparalleled rate. It is also a time that parents experience as ...

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