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How Parents Can Support Their Children

Interest, curiosity and enjoyment in learning are powerful motivators. If a child feels motivated when it's studying it will work with greater perseverance and concentration, achieving better results in the long run. Sometimes learning can become an experience in itself, particularly if the ...

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Finding the Meaning of Life in the Everyday. A Practical Guidebook

An internal treasure there for the taking

Ikigai: this resonant Japanese term stands for the joy that comes with finding meaning in life and consequently concentrating on the things that are truly worthwhile. Research shows that those with high ikigai levels not only lead a more ...

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Gifts for the Soul

Feel-good moments for each day

The fine art of taking your time

Making time for yourself or others, discovering the path to your inner self or external power centres-Bettina Lemke urges us to live in the present and savour each moment. Relaxation through breathing exercises, awareness meditation, a gratitude ...

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A Little Guide to Happiness

We all harbour a deep yearning for happiness. But how do we manage to find the right path on our quest to be happy? This book offers a rich collage of ideas gathered from the fields of philosophy, psychology and counselling. Ranging from theories on happiness from thinkers such as Plato, ...

The Pilgrim's Manual

A companion for life

A warm invitation to see life as a pilgrimage - and to allow yourself to be transformed by what you encounter along the way

Walking comes as naturally as breathing, and yet if we undertake it with awareness it can reward us with fresh strength, clarity and creativity.

The Pocket Buddhist

This enjoyable self-help book presents basic Buddhist teachings in a simple and understandable way, offering inspiration and specific help for everyday situations.

Elementary Buddhist principles such as tolerance, empathy, composure, patience, discipline, decisiveness and attentiveness ...

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Hyperactivity and Concentration Disorders

Do you have a fidgety child? One who cannot concentrate on one activity for an extended period of time, one who reacts in a flighty way and can never sit still?

Hyperactivity and concentration disorders seem to have become a common illness among children these days. Parents do not know ...
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The Fortune Pilot

How to make your life happier

We all want to be happy, but how can this elusive state be achieved? With a deft and lively touch, Ute Lauterbach suggests various strategies for making your life successful, tailoring it to meet your own particular expectations. Each chapter deals with a different aspect, such as personal ...

The Baby Dictionary

With many illustrations and photos in colour

Everything you need to know about your baby from A to Z, packed into 650 short entries.

The book informs about body care and nutrition, breast feeding and problems connected with it, growth and development, illnesses and their diagnosis, natural healing procedures and necessary medical ...
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Friends, Parents, Teachers

...and other everyday problems

Help and advice for 9 to 13-year-olds

How do I manage to get into so many arguments with my friends? Why are my parents constantly nagging me about my homework? What have I done to deserve a sister who's such a total waste of space? All 9 to 13-year-olds will have asked themselves ...